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Like any other practice it a gentle path to inner transquility and peace.

Yoga is available to all those who seek to develope strength; both internal an external.

Budokon yoga style continues to be one of the most influential and important innovations in modern yoga history.

What happens in the brain when obsession and falling in love occurs?

For the past 20 years the Budokon Yoga style has made undeniable impressions upon the culture of contemporary yoga.

Our signature spinal rolling techniques coupled with our infusion of martial arts and calisthenics have forever reshaped the classic approach to postures and transition.

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Yoga Dates started last January as a way to bring love and yoga together.We do a great job in the Bay Area regarding academics and sports, but we fall far behind when helping young, as well as mature women deal with the mean girl scene, unhealthy competition and a lack of self-esteem.We now provide an extra buffer community for our young gals.Led by our board director, Leslie Dawin O'Brien, we offer Girl Power, a program designed to help build a sense of community and self-esteem for women, especially 6th-12th grade girls.We provide values that emphasize self-worth, respect, wisdom and intuition, building a sense of community, creativity, fully recognizing the sacred in every person.