Foxy brown dating jay z

I changed it a lil bit.” Waxing nostalgic on the subject of the tragic death of singer Amy Winehouse, Nas wrote, “Amy was my sister.

Genuine person who spoke her mind & didn’t give a F—!

From her long time relationship with Jay-Z and the disgustingly false story about Jay that she NEVER told to how an educated good-girl became the queen of at the tender age of 14... In an interview with Combat Jack, who she goes way back with from when he was a lawyer in the business, Inga Marchand left it all on the table.

She said she was saving all of her true story for Oprah, but flipped it and connected with her long time friend instead. Because this is the realest ish we've heard about Inga's life..just Foxy's...

"Have you ever heard Foxy dissing Jay-Z or Jay-Z dissing Foxy? So we're gonna wait fifteen years later, and come out the blue, and start...? I think he began to feel the pressure because people began to say my age.

Check out the extremely emotional interview inside with the Combat Jack Show...Foxy Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has revealed that her ticket to rap success came at a price — and that it all happened while she was underage. She says she learned that after a tranny began calling and harassing her, not long after Jay Z gave her gonorrhea. Foxy says one of her sex sessions with Jay Z was all caught on tape. Their company was the real “Wanda” from In Living Color…Mr. According to Foxy, Jay Z signed her to “multiple gag orders for where she, Jamie and Jay engaged in a threesome” and that not long after the incident the tape was ironically robbed from her home.She says the man who put her on to the rap game, Jay Z (then 27-years-old), took her virginity when she was just 15-years-old — adding Hova (who she says has a ‘horse dick’) funded her shopping trips and pampering at hair and nail salons while she was still in high school…all to get into her panties! Foxy insists Jay Z had everything to do with that robbery. I guess when you have done all you can to make money, and nothing has worked.. According to the source, Foxy told one guest that Jay took her virginity when she was 15 years old and gave her an STD.Besides the obvious, this was also a huge problem because Jay would’ve been 24 years old at the time.

Foxy brown dating jay z