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You can check your license expiry date at any time using the Ever Web- Preferences… The ‘Next Due Date’ in the ‘Account’ tab shows the date your license is due for renewal.

Information like which website you are visiting, keywords you use in Google, details you enter in a contact form and more are transferred between computers.A: Although this ebook discusses the HTML Snippet widget—which you can use to insert your own HTML within an i Web page—and it offers a list of third-party i Web template makers, it doesn’t get down-and-dirty with instructions on how to customize an i Web template beyond what you can do with i Web’s built-in tools.In our opinion, if you are frustrated with i Web’s templates and want to go beyond i Web’s built-in features to customize them, you should purchase a third-party template or consider a more sophisticated tool such as Freeway, Rapid Weaver, Sand Vox, or Dreamweaver.Apple’s i Web aims to help you build an attractive Web site quickly and easily, but not all of i Web’s features are fully explained.For step-by-step instructions and plenty of time-saving tips, turn to Web pro Steve Sande.