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India-focused mobile messaging service Hike landed funding from Tencent last year, and today it took a major step to emulating the Chinese firm’s We Chat app with the introduction of mobile payments.

The launch of Hike Wallet not only shows an ambition to build a messaging platform, it also means Hike has beaten Whats App, the chat app that dominates India, to the punch.

Spanish officials, who lead the investigation, said the paedophile ring operated about 100 chat groups on Whats App involving 135 people from 18 different countries in Europe, Central America and South America.

Officers seized hundreds of smartphones and laptops containing 360,000 files of pornographic material, according to Europol.

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Police said files showed abusive and brutal treatment of children up to eight years old.This is why the two-year-old Heinz QR code began redirecting users to a porn-filled website.Mr Korell informed Heinz about the repurposing of their promotional website via the firm's Facebook page.He wrote that the ketchup "probably isn't for minors" and blasted the firm for allowing its domain to expire so soon after the promotion.Heinz replied: "We really regret the event very much and we're happy to take your suggestions for how we implement future campaigns on board." The baked bean firm told Mr Korell he would receive a free bottle of ketchup, with his own custom label.