Are melissa o neil and rex goudie still dating

Her mother, Alison Yeung, is quoted as saying that she only began singing "a few years ago." Her singing career was rather limited until she auditioned for the third season of Canadian Idol in February 2005.

She was praised by the judges until the Top 32, but was rarely showcased throughout the audition process, which is usually a statement made by the producers saying that this particular artist is not worth mentioning.

This has lead to what many see as her natural beauty.

Although it was obvious to most people watching Canadian Idol, Melissa and Rex Goudie kept their relationship a secret for about 35 weeks.

During her run throughout the Top Ten, she was placed in the bottom two during the first two weeks of live voting.

After that point, her impressive skills and personality carried her the rest of the way, with judge Zack Werner telling her she was a "threat to win the whole thing." In the finale versus Newfoundlander Rex Goudie (who would later admit to being her beau), O'Neil received the majority of the votes and was crowned winner of the third season on September 14, 2005.

Melissa O'Neil is a Canadian pop artist who first gained fame through winning the third season of Canadian Idol.

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our third week of Idol," Goudie expanded, causing O'Neil to buckle over in shock of the confession."This is a CTV News Ottawa exclusive," O'Neil, 17, said. Goudie and O'Neil, in Ottawa on tour, agreed that winning and being runner-up in Canadian Idol has changed their lives enormously."Now that we're on road, with a band and everything, and we're doing concerts -- and there's people coming -- it's incredible. The pair also introduced the Musi Can video together at the Junos."I needed to be in a conducive learning environment - a computer in the corner of my apartment is not." It would also be a chance to reconnect with friends she hadn't seen in almost a year. Turns out the same students who had supported her, voted for her and been so proud of her during the competition had experienced a change of heart after she won."One of my best friends called and asked me if I was coming back to school," recalls O'Neil, now 18.However, during the Top 32, her cover of "Concrete Angel" by Martina Mc Bride floored the judges.She was voted into the Top Ten with the highest number of votes from her group of eight semi-finalists.