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During college I was studying my performance, film and painting.

After the residency program in Dumbo, I knew I was better off leaving CCA and staying in NYC [to pursue] my dreams.

My father was a painter and my mother a sculptor; they fell in love in Colombia, but pursued their dreams together in Italy. In high school, I took acting and theater seriously, directing my first production then, as well.

(But not too steamy.)Netflix has graced viewers with so many options for winter viewing, but why not option for a steamy, sexy movie to warm up your screens.

A vision of tolerance in a conservative country, “Alone” has been sold to Mexico (Cine Tonala), Australia (SBS), Taiwan (Portico), Francia (Epicentre), Benelux (Arti Film), Italy (The Open Reel), Australia/U. (Bounty), Poland (Tongariro) and Serbia-Macedonia (Cutaway). Exploring most often first features from Latin American directors attempting a more mainstream niche cinema, Wide’s Latino sales slate ranges from another LGBT title, “Tamara,”about Venezuela’s first transexual congressman, to Colombian erotic thriller “Fragments of Love,” two genre movies – Peru’s “The Light on the Hill” and Brazil’s “The Fostering” – and social-issue feature “El Pastor.” Backed by Puerto Rico One Film Corporation and Caracol Cine, and produced by Diego Ramirez’s 64A Films, one of Colombia’s top production houses, “Fragments of Love” has closed Australia (Palace Films), South Korea (Sidus) and Japan (The Klockworx Co.).

Narrating how a woman’s tales of past sexual adventures drives her boyfriend to near-paranoid jealousy, Fernando Vallejo’s “Fragments of Love” won in early September the Glauber Rocha Award for best Latin American film at the recent Montreal Festival.

Watch the independent short and learn more about Marcelo Gutierrez, below. Marcelo Gutierrez: I'm a Colombian refugee that fled the country at age 6, during the peak of the country's devastating civil war in the '90s.

I grew up in both Florida and California, between my mother and father's homes.