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we put the document in there we give you the key to the row we just put there. select utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(dbms_lob.substr(blob_content,4000,1) ) from document_Table SQL March 06, 2008 - am UTC well, that is a plsql error and you show sql so something very relevant is MISSING here.you do not insert into the document table we did and we give you the key to that row. like the actual code that gets the error, I'll guess that you have something wrong in your code.Users can now resize dialog boxes, as needed, for their design environment. Works with the majority of dialog boxes including general Property pages, multiline text, dimensions, Program Setup, and Drawing 'Options' pages.Simple Building Information Modeling (BIM) is now more advanced with the ability to import intelligent Walls, Doors, Windows, Slabs and Roofs saved in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, the industry standard for BIM information.

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