Updating openoffice ubuntu

Apache Open Office is a most popular and open source application suit for Linux, Windows & Mac used for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, database, formula and much more.

updating openoffice ubuntu-53

Open Office is available for a number of different computer operating systems, is distributed as free software and is written using its own GUI toolkit.The Foundation stated that it will coordinate and oversee the development of Libre Office.Due to the requirement of fully open sourced office suite, it was dropped from the major Linux distribution and it is replaced by Libre Office; still you can install manually by downloading it on your computer. Choose the registration options and then click on Finish.-- Dr John sudo apt-get remove openoffice*.* this command worked to remove 2.4 but I had to install all of the components to get it to remove all of the components.But after words I just used Gdebi Package installer to install 3.0.